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California immunization registry

Snowflake COVID-19 Vaccination          CAIR LOGOData Repository

County Access 

CA counties now have access to a COVID vaccination data repository built on the Snowflake platform. Before requesting access, please note that the Snowflake data repository is nothing more than that – it’s just a centralized access point for authorized data users to download COVID-19 doses administered data – nothing more. There are no tables or graphs or summaries – just raw data to download and users will need to know SQL commands to download the data. 

To request county user access, send an email to 

Snowflake and other data resources 

Connection Tools 

Health Plan Access 

Health plans registered with CAIR2 to run HEDIS reports will now be eligible to run COVID-19 patient match reports and receive back CAIR2 COVID-19 vaccine doses received by their members. Input file formatting will be the same as for HEDIS Patient Match Report (PDF) and output files will be in comma-delimited format (.csv) and adhere to the Snowflake COVID-19 Vaccination Data Dictionary (updated 4/28/2021) format. 

Steps/rules are: 

  1. Place COVID input file in your assigned HEDIS sFTP folder. Make sure to name file: HealthPlanName_COVID_YYYYMMDD to distinguish it from regular HEDIS input files. Only one file per health plan per week will be allowed and the file size must not exceed 2M rows.
  2. Health plan contact will send email to with ‘COVID file uploaded’ in the subject line and include file name in body of email to indicate new file has been uploaded.
  3. Health plan contact will receive email when output file is ready for retrieval (48-72 hrs). The COVID output file will be named: HealthPlanName_COVID_OUTPUT_YYYYMMDD.
  4. Patients who have chosen to lock their record in accordance with California Health and Safety Code 120440 will not be returned in the COVID output file for Health Plans.

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