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Disease Investigations Section

The Disease Investigations Section (DIS) conducts investigations of and develops prevention and control guidelines for general communicable diseases of public health importance. The major categories of conditions followed by DIS include: a) foodborne diseases, b) respiratory diseases, c) waterborne diseases, and d) emerging infectious diseases. DIS is organized within the Infectious Diseases Branch of the Division of Communicable Disease Control.

DIS provides the following services:
  • leads multijurisdictional investigations of disease clusters
  • consultation and assistance to local health departments and state partners regarding the investigation and control of infections and outbreaks of public health importance;
  • consultation to local health jurisdictions regarding public health mandates to prevent and control communicable diseases (e.g., criteria for exclusion of infected food handlers); 
  •  produces evidence-based guidelines to prevent infections and control outbreaks; and 
  •  collaborates with partners at the local, state, and federal levels to improve surveillance for infectious diseases, investigate outbreaks, and develop preventive measures.​​
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