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Resources for School-Located Vaccination Against COVID-19 and Other Diseases 

Local Health Jurisdictions, school districts and individual schools all play a significant role in the collective effort to keep students healthy and in school. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) continues to build resources to support school-located vaccine (SLV) events for COVID-19 vaccine, seasonal influenza vaccine and other routine immunizations.

Benefits of SLV events include:  

  • the ability to immunize large numbers of children in a short timeframe
  • increasing access to underserved students and their families by making vaccination more convenient
  • decreasing illness-specific school absences and lowering disease transmission and hospitalization rates in surrounding communities
  • maximizing opportunities for students and families to stay up-to-date on recommended vaccines 

Resources for schools and local health jurisdictions:

For general guidance (including equipment needs) for planning school-located vaccine events, email

*At no cost to school or local health jurisdiction, for school-located events only, until funding limit is reached.  

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