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Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination in California Hospitals

​​Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination in California Hospitals, 2015-2016

Influenza and pneumonia are the eighth leading causes of death in the United States.  Most influenza-related illnesses and deaths occur among vulnerable members of the population, such as patients in hospitals or long term care facilities. Health care personnel (HCP) can transmit influenza to patients and coworkers.  Influenza vaccination is a simple, safe, and cost effective way to prevent HCP from transmitting influenza to patients.  Vaccinated HCP also have fewer illnesses and absences, thus avoiding staff shortages and reducing costs. 

California acute care hospitals are required to offer free influenza vaccine to HCP.  Hospital HCP must receive an annual vaccine or sign a declination form. Hospitals collect vaccination data for all HCP physically working in the hospital for at least one day during influenza season, regardless of clinical responsibility or patient contact.  Hospitals report HCP vaccination rates to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and CDPH publishes the hospital results annually. CDPH reports data separately for employees, non-employee licensed independent practitioners (including physicians and others not employed by the hospitals), other contract staff, and trainees and volunteers (Health and Safety Code section 1288.7-1288.8).

The map, summary report, and data tables present hospital HCP vaccination rates for the 2015-2016 influenza season, October 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016. CDPH has published an annual report of HCP influenza vaccination in California hospitals since 2009.

Use the map to see if your hospital reported a HCP influenza (flu) vaccination rate above or below 78 percent.  Hospitals with vaccination rates above 78% in 2016 are on target to achieve the national Healthy People goal of 90% by 2020. 

Interactive Map 2015-2016 - Influenza Vaccination Among Health Care Personnel (HCP) in California Hospitals


Summary Report: Influenza Vaccination Among Healthcare Personnel in California Hospitals, 2015-2016, Key Findings and Public Health Actions

Table 1. Influenza Vaccination Percentages for Employees, Non-employees and Healthcare Personnel (HCP) in General Acute Care Hospitals, California, 2015-2016, by County and Mandatory Mask Policy for HCP Who Decline Vaccination

Table 2. Influenza Vaccination Surveillance Report Status and Hospital-Specific Mean for Influenza Vaccination, Declination, and Unknown Percentages for Employees, Non-employee Licensed Independent Practitioners, Other Contract Personnel and Adult Students/Trainees, and Volunteers in General Acute Care Hospitals, California, 2015-2016

Table 3. Survey on Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel in California General Acute Care Hospitals for 2015-2016: Questions and Results

Table 4. Percent of Licensed General Acute Care Hospitals that Met 60% Vaccination and the Healthy People 2020 Target 90% Vaccination, California 2010-2016

Table 5. Hospital-Specific Influenza Vaccination Percentages, Over 60 and 90 Percent Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel in General Acute Care Hospitals, California 2015-2016

Table 6. Vaccination Percentage by Healthcare Personnel Category in California Hospitals, 2010-2016

Table 7. Non-Reporting California Hospitals for Healthcare Personnel Vaccination, 2015-2016

Definitions, including methods associated with this release are summarized in the Technical Notes.

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