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The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch's vision is a healthy, lead-safe environment where all children can achieve their full potential.


The mission of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by identifying and caring for lead-burdened children and preventing environmental exposures to lead.


The Childhood Lead Child playing outdoors.Poisoning Prevention Branch has six goals.

  • An informed public able to protect children from lead exposures;
  • Well supported and effective local programs to detect, manage, and prevent childhood lead poisoning;
  • Fully developed capacity to track lead exposure statewide and to monitor the management of lead-burdened children;
  • Strong infrastructure enabling the prevention of children's exposure to lead through partnerships with government agencies, community-based organizations, and the private sector;
  • Full compliance with Federal and State statutory and regulatory requirements; and
  • Continued State and national leadership through research, policy development, and standard setting.

The CLPPB works for you to reduce the risk of lead poisoning in California's children. You may find information for families, information for health care providers, information for lead professionals, and information for public health workers. For additional information about CLPPB and our services, you may contact us directly.


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