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Lead-Related Construction State Certification Exam

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Who must take the certification exams?

California requires certification exams for Lead Inspector/Assessors, Lead Supervisors, and Lead Project Monitors. There are separate exams for each of these three types of certificates. Lead Workers and Sampling Technicians are not required to take a certification exam, however, they are still required to apply to CDPH for certification - see the Applying for Certification page for more information.

Who offers the certification exams?

CPS HR is the contractor that CDPH has chosen to administer the exams. This company has extensive experience administering many types of licensing and certification exams in California. This is the only company authorized to offer California's approved lead certification exams. Passing a certification exam offered by another company or another state will not make you eligible for lead certification in California.

Where and when are the exams offered?

CPS HR Consulting currently offers the exams online and on a quarterly basis. Please see schedule for more information.

What are the exams like?

The certification exams consist of 100 to 125 multiple-choice questions. All of the exams are offered in English and do not include any "hands-on" or performance testing.

Can I take the exams in Spanish?

Exams are currently not offered in Spanish. 

How much does it cost to take the exams?

As of July 1, 2020, there is a seventy-dollar ($70) fee per certification examination. Payment instructions are provided when registering to take an examination. Your registration fee must be a check or money order made payable to California Department of Public Health.  Candidates who do not pay by the deadline may not be permitted to take an examination.

Are special accommodations available for people with disabilities?

Yes, with appropriate documentation of the accommodation, CPS HR Consulting can provide ADA accommodations for those with special needs. CPS HR requires a request in writing with the exam date as well as your contact information. You must also provide a letter, on official letterhead from your doctor or clergy identifying the accommodation required. This documentation must be provided during the registration period.

Are there "combined" exams?

No. The exams for Lead Inspector/Assessor, Lead Supervisor, and Lead Project Monitor are each separate. If you want to get more than one of these certificates, you must take a separate exam for each. You can take up to two exams per day.

When do I take my exam?

You may take the exam at any time. However, you need to pass the exam before you apply to CDPH for certification.

How do I register for my exam?

You may access the CPS HR Consulting website ( to register online for examinations for Inspector/Assessor, Supervisor and Project Monitor. You must register for your exam two weeks before the exam date. Please see schedule for deadlines and fees structure. Once payment is received you will receive an email from CDPH confirming receipt of payment. You will receive a scheduling notice for the examination approximately one to two weeks before your scheduled test. This notice will be mailed to the address indicated on your online account.

How do I get admitted into the exam?

To be admitted into your exam, you must show a State Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card or Resident Alien Card.  If you cannot properly identify yourself when you arrive to take your exam, CPS HR Consulting will turn you away and not allow you to take the exam.

What happens if I fail my exam?

If you fail an exam, CPS HR Consulting will tell you how many questions you got correct and how many you missed on each of the topic area sub-sections of the exam. For exam security reasons, they cannot tell you which questions you missed. There is no waiting period to retake the exam, however, you must register and pay for the repeat exam as described above. It is strongly recommended that you take sufficient time to thoroughly study using the study guides prior to retaking an exam.

What happens after I pass my exam?

CPS HR will send a copy of your exam results to you, including how many questions you got correct and how many you missed on each of the topic area subsections of the exam. Once you have received notice that you passed your exam you may apply for certification. The application you send to CDPH should include a copy of the exam results letter. CDPH will then review your experience, training, and education to determine if you meet all of the requirements for certification.

When can I apply for certification?

Apply to CDPH after CPS HR has notified you that you have passed the exam

How do I apply for certification?

You must apply to CDPH for certification. Do not send application materials to CPS HR. For application forms, instructions, and other certification-related questions, review this site, or contact CDPH at 1-800-597-5323.

Are there any study guides available to help me prepare for the test?

Yes. The following links allow you to download lists of topics and regulatory references covered on each of the exams.

The files below are in Portable Data Format (PDF). Follow this link to go to the Adobe Homepage and download the Acrobat Reader you will need to read the files. (It's free!) If you have trouble accessing these documents, contact the CLPPB LRC hotline at 1-800-597-5323 to request this information in an alternate format.

For exam schedules, testing locations, special testing options and registration confirmation, contact:


(916) 263-3624, option 5

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