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childhood lead poisoning prevention branch

Information and Resources for Keeping Your Family Lead-Safe:

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Lead is a toxic metal that has bHappy family sitting on a coucheen used in many products over time. Even in small amounts, lead can have harmful effects on the body, which may lead to lifelong learning, behavioral, reproductive, cardiovascular, and other health problems. While many leaded products have been phased out, lead may still be found in and around older homes and buildings, in certain occupations and hobbies, and some consumer products, remedies, and foods. Lead poisoning is one of the most common environmental illnesses in California, but is completely preventable.

Lead Education Resources

Local Resources

Product Recalls and Consumer Warnings

Home and Environmental Lead Testing and Lead-Safe Work Practices

CLPPB has a program to certify construction professionals in identifying lead hazards in and around your home. The program ensures that construction activities involving lead are performed in a manner to eliminate existing lead hazards and avoid creating new lead hazards for children and other occupants, as well as the construction professionals. Learn more about the Lead-Related Construction Program.

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