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NEW Certification Renewal - Regulatory Reminder and Notice of Grace Period

CDPH is implementing a grace period until April 2022 for applicants to comply with the requirement in Section 35096(f)(1) to complete the refresher training every two years. Additional details are found in the following notices:

Download the Certification Renewal Application 

Types of Lead Certificates Available

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch issues lead certificates to individuals who do lead hazard evaluations and lead-related construction in residential and public buildings. The five types of lead certificates issued are:

  • Inspector/Assessor: Someone who assesses the amount of lead paint or lead hazards in buildings before, during, or after lead-related construction work.
  • Sampling Technician: Someone who collects samples of paint, dust, or soil under the direction of a certified Inspector/Assessor.
  • Project Monitor: Someone who oversees lead-related construction work to make sure that contract plans and specifications are followed, and who does testing after the work is complete to ensure it was done properly.
  • Supervisor: Someone who supervises lead workers and implements lead-related construction work and enforces the work practices that ensure worker safety.
  • Worker: Someone who performs lead-related construction work under the direction of a Lead Supervisor.

Which certification should I get? provides more information.

To become certified, you will need to take an approved lead training course and show that you have the required experience and education.

Important things to know before you apply

Before applying, be sure to read the Certification Process page.

Application forms and instructions

Below are the forms and instructions you will need to apply for a new Lead-Related Construction Certificate or to renew an existing Lead-Related Construction Certificate. The files below are in Portable Data Format (PDF). You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files. Download Acrobat Reader on the Adobe home page. (It's free!)

For fast lead certification application processing, use the online certification application system called Pega.  If you need guidance on how to use Pega, please call the LRC Information Line at (800) 597-5323 and leave a message for a representative to contact you as soon as possible.

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