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California safe cosmetics program

How to Search the CA Safe Cosmetics Database

​The California Safe Cosmetics Database allows you to search for products that companies have reported to the California Safe Cosmetics Program. Do not use Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox are best for this website.

  • You can search the database by entering the brand name, product name, company name, UPC (Universal Product Code aka the barcode number), or type of product into the search bar.
  • As you enter your search terms, the database will attempt to predict your search by suggesting possible matches. It is best to select from the predicted matches. If the database stops predicting matches, your search will yield no results.
  • You can filter the results with keywords and other options on the left side of the page.

Why did my search get the "No Products Found" message?

Your search may yield no results for one of several reasons:

  • Searching with too many terms, for example, with both the brand name and the product name together, may yield no results. Try searching with only one or the other and then browse the search results for your product. The filter options can help narrow the results if there are too many results to browse easily.
  • Misspellings in your search terms will yield no results. The database does not correct misspellings. Make sure your search includes correct apostrophes or special characters.
  • The product may not be in the database. This can mean one of the following:

You can also browse by ingredient and download results

  • If you would like to search by a particular ingredient, you must go to the Reported Ingredient Search page. You can search or browse all products that companies have reported to CSCP. If you click one of the ingredients, you will find information about the ingredient and a list of all reported products that contain the ingredient.
  • You can download the full contents of the database or results from any search by clicking the green "Download as .csv" button on any page.
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