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California SAfe Cosmetics Program

Companies may find it helpful to compile the following information before logging in to the California Safe Cosmetics Reporting Portal to report products:

  • Company name

  • Brand name

  • Product name, exactly as it appears on product label or package

  • Variation name (for example, the color, scent, flavor, or SPF)

  • Company’s internal product ID (optional)

  • Universal Product Codes (UPC) - this is the 12-digit barcode number

  • Product's website address

  • Product marketing photo - any photo showing the product in its entirety along with its brand name, product name, and any applicable variant name. Acceptable file types include .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .webp.

  • Product’s intended market (professional use only, general consumers, children, etc.)

  • Product’s intended application area (face, hands, etc.)

  • Product’s physical form (cream, powder, spray, etc.)

  • List of the product’s manufacturers

  • Product formulation information from manufacturer(s) and supplier(s) needed to identify all reportable ingredients (see the Reportable Ingredients List (Excel)).

Email for more information.
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