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California safe cosmetics program

For Cosmetics Companies: How to Submit a Product to the Database

  1. Go to the California Safe Cosmetics Reporting Portal website and log in to your account. You will automatically be taken to the "My Products" section of the website. If you navigate away from this page, you can return by selecting the "My Products" tab in the column on the left.

  2. Click the green "Report a New Product" button on the right. This will take you to the "Product Info" page, the first page of a five-page form.

  3. Select your company from the drop-down menu. If your company is not in the list, follow these instructions to add your company. Once you have completed all prompts on the page, click the "Continue" button to proceed to the "Categories" page.

    For this section, please note:
    • The Universal Product Code (UPC) is the 12-digit barcode number. You can enter multiple UPC codes if appropriate for the product. Type or paste the first UPC code in the form, hit the "Enter" button, and then repeat.
    • Once you enter the Brand Name of the product, be sure to hit the "Enter" button.
    • Enter the specific product page for the "Product Website URL" field. For example:
    • The "Product Marketing Photo" can be any photo showing the entirety of the product, the product name, brand name, and any variant name. Acceptable file types include .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .webp.

    Special instructions for reporting


    • The "Variation" field is only applicable for products that are available in a product line with different variations. Do not enter anything in this field if the product does not come in different colors, scents, flavors, etc. Each color, scent, flavor, or SPF variation should be reported as a separate product entry. 
    • Sizes should not be entered in the "Variation" field--rather product size options should be submitted as one product report with multiple UPCs for different sizes in the "Product UPC(s)" field.
    • The "Duplicate" feature at the end of the form or on the "My Products" page is a convenient, time-saving feature for reporting products with variations.
    • Example of correct use of variation field:
      • Product #1 Name: Mary's Lotion
      • Product #1 Variation: Peach Blossom
      • Product #2 Name: Mary's Lotion
      • Product #2 Variation: Cherry Blossom

    Kits and collections:

    • A kit or collection that is sold as one product (one UPC for the kit/collection) should be reported as one product entry with the kit or collection name as the "Product Name." Report the highest ingredient concentration in the kit or collection if the reportable ingredient is present in more than one component of the kit or collection.
    • If a product within a kit or collection is also sold separately, then it should also be reported separately as a single product entry.
    • When reporting ingredient concentration, report the highest concentration in the kit or the collection if the reportable ingredient is present in more than one component of the kit or collection.

  4. Respond to all prompts on the "Categories" page and click the "Continue" button to proceed to the "Manufacturers" page.

  5. Respond to all prompts on the "Manufacturers" page and click the "Continue" button to proceed to the "Ingredients" page.

  6. Click on the blue "Add Ingredient" button to add an ingredient and its function and concentration in the product. Only add ingredients that appear on the Reportable Ingredients List (Excel). The product's full formulation is not required. Once you finish adding ingredients, click the "Continue" button to proceed to the "Submit" page to review the product information.
    • Special instruction for the "Ingredient's Function" field: If the ingredient you are reporting is present in another intentionally-added ingredient, enter the function of the intentionally-added ingredient. For example, beta-myrcene is sometimes present in fragrance mixtures--if reporting beta-myrcene, the "Ingredient's Function" would be reported as "fragrance." 
  1. If the information is correct, check the box at the bottom of the page to confirm that the information you provided is complete and accurate. Then select the green "Submit Product" button. The next page will tell you that your product has been successfully submitted and will show up in the search within 24 hours. At this point you will also see the option to duplicate the information you just entered, so you will not have to reenter all the information if you have other product variations that must be reported.

Email if having difficulty.
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