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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program 

Frequently Asked Questions about Project Firstline

Do you offer continuing education units (CEUs)?

Currently, we do not offer CEUs. However, we do offer a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course evaluation. Individual facilities may be able to use Project Firstline training material to provide CEUs to their staff; inquire with your facility training coordinator or DSD to see if they are offering CEUs at your facility. 

Do these courses qualify as in-service hours for CNAs?

In-service hours content is determined by individual facilities. Check with your facility training coordinator or DSD to see if they are using Project Firstline training material as part of in-service hours.

Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance? 

Yes, all participants are eligible to receive a Certificate of Attendance after attending the full training and completing the post-course evaluation.  
For individuals: You will receive a post-training email with a short evaluation after attending a training session. Individuals must complete the evaluation in order to receive a Certificate of Attendance. The entire process can take 7-10 days.
For groups: The training coordinator or DSD at your facility must email with your facility name, a list of participant names, a valid email address (work/personal) for each participant, the training topic, and training date(s)/time(s). Once Project Firstline receives the list, participants will receive instructions on how to receive their Certificate of Attendance. The entire process can take 1-2 weeks.

If I join a session late, will I still receive a Certificate of Attendance?

If you join more than 5 minutes after the start of the session or leave before the content ends (this does not include the Q&A portion of the training), we cannot offer Certificates of Attendance. We encourage you to attend another session to receive full credit. In the event you are disconnected from the webinar, rejoin using the same link and your attendance will be logged. Note: The first part of each training includes content, and the remaining time is dedicated to Q&A; the Q&A is optional.

I can’t find my Certificate of Attendance. What do I do?

Look for the certificate email from sent to the email address used at registration. The certificate email will arrive within a few hours of completing the post-course evaluation. If you’ve completed the evaluation and still cannot locate your certificate, contact

Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance if I watch the training recordings on your website?

No, Certificates of Attendance are only provided if you attend a live, scheduled training session and complete the post-course evaluation. 

How often do you offer these types of training?

We offer trainings on an ongoing basis. Visit our registration page  for the current schedule or request a private training for your facility on your topic(s) of choice (See #9 below for how to request a private training.). 

Do you offer trainings on weekends? What about early morning or late evening sessions?

Yes, trainings are offered on Saturdays, weekday early mornings, and evenings. Visit our registration page  for the full schedule. 

Does Project Firstline offer private training for individual facilities or groups of facilities?

Yes, we offer in-person and web-based training for smaller groups. Contact for more information.  Include your phone number, facility or organization name, if you’re interested in in-person/onsite or virtual trainings, estimated group size, and potential training dates (include at least 3 options). Note: To allow for proper planning, provide dates at least 3 weeks from today’s date. 

How can I access slides and recordings from previous trainings?

Visit our resources page to access training slides and recordings.

Can I take a course more than once?

Yes, you can attend more than more training session for the same topic.

If I miss or can no longer attend the training session I registered for, can I attend another session on the same topic? 

Yes. To attend another session on the same topic, use the webinar link you were provided when you registered. Find the webinar link in your confirmation email. 

What are review sessions? How do I attend? Do I have to attend?

Review sessions are opportunities to review the training topic of the month and ask questions of our team of IPC Trainers and HAI Program Infection Preventionists. During these sessions we will reinforce infection prevention principles of daily care activities and encourage case study discussion in an interactive format. Review session are offered once a month; find the meeting link in your training registration confirmation email. Attendance is strongly encouraged.

Contact for more information. ​​

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