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California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan is a strategic plan to reduce the cancer burden in our state. It is designed to provide guidance to individuals and organizations spanning a wide range of health and social disciplines that can play a role in controlling cancer. All aspects of the cancer continuum are addressed. These aspects include primary prevention, early detection and screening, treatment, quality of life and end-of-life care, as well as such cross-cutting issues as advocacy, eliminating disparities, research and surveillance.


A comprehensive cancer control steering committee was organized and on June 7, 2002, began the process to develop and publish California’s first cancer plan, Comprehensive Cancer Control in California, 2004. This distinguished committee included over 200 diverse representatives from academia, corporations, health care organizations, insurance groups, institutions, consumer and advocacy groups, and others with an interest in cancer control. The committee examined the science of cancer control, ranging from its practice, funding, and assets to barriers and gaps in cancer control efforts. After this careful analysis, the committee identified key strategies and tactics to overcome barriers and produce successful cancer control outcomes.  The plan was revised in 2010 with updated goals and objectives support efforts through 2015.


With the help from so many of CDOC members and other state and local partners, a draft of the third iteration state cancer plan has been produced and contains goals and measurable objectives to support continued cancer control efforts through 2020.  The publication date is anticipated for spring of 2016.   Since final objectives and strategies have been submitted, the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP) staff have worked diligently to develop an implementation coordination plan.  The revision process was principally guided by national cancer control priorities set by CDC, the American Cancer Society (ACS), and the National Cancer Institute. The development of objectives and strategies was informed by Healthy People 2020, and aligned with state goals and objectives set for cancer control and crosscutting topics, such as tobacco control and obesity prevention.


​ ​California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Plans


​California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 2016-2020

California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 2011-2015


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