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The Fusion Center is a nimble, strategic team that strengthens department capacity to address crosscutting priorities defined by public health. 

The Fusion Center aims to involve programs across CDPH, state and local government, and partners in order to leverage expertise and information through comprehensive assessment, integrated planning, and collective action.

Fusion Center Projects ​


Let's Get Healthy California (LGHC)

The California state health assessment and improvement plan aims to build a safe, healthy California for all, focusing on factors that influence health with renewed emphasis on prevention, health equity and collective action.

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Equitable Recovery & Resilience

The Fusion Center partners with the Office of Health Equity to co-lead the COVID-19 Equity Workstream.  Efforts include facilitating linkages across departments to align equity-focused efforts, collaborating with local health departments on Equity Plans and expansion of local equity infrastructure, and developing resources such as the Equity Playbook.

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Emerging Issues: Violence Prevention Initiative

The Fusion Center facilitates strategic engagement across multiple CDPH programs to align mutually reinforcing efforts and build collaboration to address violence in California from a public health perspective.

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Community Burden of Disease

The California Community Burden of Disease and Cost Engine (CCB) is a web [data] application developed by the Fusion Center for epidemiologic insights into mortality and morbidity in California, with granular person, place and time data and visualizations; including views into the interrelationships of communities, health  disparities, and social determinants of health.



​Comprehensive Assessment

​Conduct comprehensive State Health Assessment that brings together data and information across population and systems to identify priorities.

  • Incorporate data from various sectors to garner a better understanding of population health.
  • Elevate community voice by grounding health assessment in community data.
  • Inquire and analyze to identify and elevate key findings.
Integrated Planning

​Leverage California’s State Health Improvement Plan, Let’s Get Healthy California, to inform and advance a shared public health Policy Agenda.

  • Connect people, programs and projects.
  • Promote alignment between state and local priorities.
  • Define a shared public health policy agenda.
  • Provide strategic recommendations.
​Collective Action

Facilitate and support collective action efforts to address crosscutting public health priorities and emerging issues.

  • Explore, promote and pilot promising public health models and systems for improving population health.
  • Strengthen and build multisector collaborations and strategically partner to catalyze action.
  • Focus upstream to influence systems toward more equitable outcomes.
  • Support Local Health Departments and Programs in facilitating policy change.
  • Expand state and local resources to act on shared public health priorities.​

Strengthening department capacity to address crosscutting priorities defined by public health.

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