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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Program

Tool for First Responders

  •  Treat the baby with care and respect.
    • Hold the baby as you would if he/she were alive.
    • Refer to the baby by name.
    • Wrap the baby in a blanket.
    • Do not leave the baby unattended.
  •  Ask the parents if there are other people they would like to call for support.
    • Offer help when appropriate.
    • Make eye contact with the parents.
  •  Ask about other children.
    • Make sure any other children are cared for, and someone is available to attend to their needs.
  •  Make sure parents have transportation to the hospital if needed.
    • Assess their ability to drive.
    • Offer to call a friend, family member or a cab.
  •  Explain that the coroner has been notified and will conduct an investigation.
    • The coroner will explain investigation procedures and provide information and resources.
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