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vital records issuance and preservation branch (VRIPB)

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The Vital Records Issuance and Preservation Branch (VRIPB) ensures timely and accurate issuance of vital event records registered in California, in addition to the preservation of all records since 1905.

 VRIPB is charged with the responsibilty of:

  • Maintaining a permanent central registry of all birth, death, fetal death, still birth, marriage, and dissolution records for vital events which occur in California.
  • Preserving over 45 million records dating back to 1905. Over 15 million of these records are digitally imaged. Over one million events are added annually.
  • Issuing certified copies of registered vital events. Approximately 120,000 certified copies are issued annually.
  • Protecting the integrity of California's vital records in compliance with state and federal laws.


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