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Verify Personnel License

*This webpage is currently being updated and improved. During this update, the current page will remain active and function normally.

California law mandates that all clinical laboratory scientists, specialists, and phlebotomists be licensed or certified by the Department of Public Health Laboratory Field Services Branch (LFS) in order to seek employment in California. The purpose of this site is to assist you to confirm the validity of licenses and certificates with this searchable list online. Appearance on the list as active verifies the current validity of any license or certificate. 

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This webpage will allow you to search by license/certificate number, last name, or full name. Names may appear more than once for multiple license/certificate holders. License/certificate status including: active, inactive, delinquent, deceased and expiration date (where applicable) is also displayed. New licenses/certificates or those in renewal that are not listed may still be in the process of being updated.


The Laboratory Field Services Branch searchable list may be printed and posted as a VALID 90-DAY TEMPORARY AUTHORIZATION from the issue date; acceptable for the following conditions:

  • During the hiring process. Only valid as an authorization for the categories listed and only until the valid official certificate/license arrives.

  • During certificate/license renewal processing. The authorization is valid based upon the new expiration date and only while it is attached to the expired certificate/license.


Please note that this searchable list is as accurate as current information allows. However, if you discover an error or have a concern, please email or telephone LFS at 510-620-3800 and the listing will be investigated for accuracy and updated as necessary. Sending an e-mail will allow us to respond more quickly to your message.


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