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Breastfeeding Initiative

Lactation Accommodations

The Surgeon General  has called on all sectors of the community, including employers, to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. A mother’s surroundings impact her decision to consider initiating breastfeeding, to breastfeed exclusively for the recommended 6 months, and to continue to breastfeed with appropriate foods as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Lactation Support for Low-Wage Workers (PDF)
Breastfeeding improves maternal and infant wellbeing and reduces health care costs. This Brief addresses returning to work and the significant challenges this creates to breastfeed for many women. 

CPSP Online Skills-Based Training on Supporting Breastfeeding in the Workplace 
This module addresses the important role CPSP plays in making breastfeeding the norm in California communities through prenatal and postpartum support. The training covers the laws that protect lactation accommodation in California to help you inform and support your clients who may not have adequate support in the workplace.

New Protections for Workplace Lactation Accommodation in California Recorded webinar 
A detailed explanation of new lactation accommodation protections in California with the passage of SB 142. Questions are answered discussing next steps to spread the information to California workers is addressed.

Can I Still Pump at Work? Pandemic Considerations for Lactating Workers in California Recorded Webinar 
Discusses what constitutes workplace lactation accommodation, how to integrate current CDC guidelines to develop safe workplace lactation spaces, and offers tools to start a best practice lactation accommodation program.

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