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Food and Drug Branch


Telephone Number:

(800) 495-3232



Overnight Mailing Address:

​​California Dept. of Public Health

Food and Drug Branch

1500 Capitol Avenue, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95814


Regular Mailing Address:

California Dept. of Public Health

Food and Drug Branch

PO Box 997435, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95899-7435


FDB Email Address:

Certificates and Licenses



Cosmetic Manufacturing Registration:

CDPH 8678


​Export Document:

CDPH 8582

 Drug Manufacturing

New Drug Manufacturing License:


Biennial Drug Manufacturing License Renewal:


Disclosure Statement - Human Prescription Drug Manufacturers:


License/Registration Verification Request:

CDPH 8707

 Device Manufacturing

Biennial Medical Device Manufacturing License New:


Biennial Medical Device Manufacturing License Renewal:


 Home Medical Device Retailer

Home Medical Device Retailer License Application:

CDPH 8679

Out-of-State Home Medical Device Retailer Registration:

CDPH 8679 O

Home Medical Device Retailer Exemptee License:

CDPH 8695

 Food Safety

Processed Food Registration

CDPH 8610 (To be used by all counties except Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino)

CDPH 8611 (To be used by Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties only)

Organic Processed Product Registration:

CDPH 8593

Cannery License:

CDPH 8597

Cold Storage or Refridgeration Facility License:

CDPH 8591

Food Safety Fee Exemption Request:

CDPH 8694

Pet Food Processor License/Registration:

CDPH 8676

Retail Food Program Service Request:

CDPH 8601

Shellfish Handling and Marketing Certificate:

CDPH 8642

Bottled Water Distributor License:

CDPH 8590

Private Water Source Operator License:

CDPH 8594

Retail Water Facility License:

CDPH 8602

Water Bottling Plant License:

CDPH 8603

Water Hauler's License:

CDPH 8605

Water Vending Machine Operator License:

CDPH 8604

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