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PRENATAL SCreening Program

California Partnership 2022

Partnership with Perinatal Quality Foundation

The California Prenatal Screening Program is pleased to announce a unique opportunity. 

Up to 500 California prenatal care providers will obtain access to the Perinatal Quality Foundation's Genetic Education Modules (GEM), using a unique code provided by the California Prenatal Screening Program. 

Attendees of PNS Program webinars will be among the first providers offered this opportunity. Additional providers may contact the program at to obtain the unique code until a maximum number of provider users is reached.

Perinatal Quality Foundation (PQF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation with a mission to support programs and research that will improve the quality of obstetrical care. The GEM modules include state of the art education materials on cell-free (cfDNA) screening, as well as a variety of provider training materials, videos, and tools relating to prenatal genetic testing.

The unique code will give a California provider free access to the GEM modules until year end 2022. It will also provide the opportunity to earn up to 3.5 CME credits for $40. The GEM modules normally require a physician's practice to subscribe to the service for a year to obtain access.

To use the unique code for the PQF GEM Modules, please visit Instructions on Using GEM Code for CA  Physicians (PDF).

Contact the program at for more information. Sign up for future PNS Program webinars and the PNS Program e-newsletter to stay informed on PNS Program changes.


Below you will find step by step instructions for enrollment in the provider modules (see attachment above for instructions that include instructional screen shots).  Please contact PQF (  if you have problems or need additional help!  Our staff are available by email to answer your questions.

The provider modules are designed for physicians, clinicians, and practice staff.  We hope that you will refer to the modules frequently and direct patients to particular portions or share those portions when answering patient questions.  PQF's goal is that every pregnant patient will have education resources and access to informed staff to answer questions.  PQF welcomes your suggestions and comments.

GEM Website

  1. Go to the website and at the bottom of the page, click on the box that says "I am a Provider or Practice Personnel (incl. California).
  2. On the next page again go to the bottom of the page, click on the box that says "Provider (including California)." We encourage you to view the short video at the top of the page as well.
  3. Check through the legal statements and complete the profile information requested.
  4. You may skip the question about NTQR participation.
  5. When it asks for a practice ID code, insert it (contact for the unique California code).
  6. Record the username and password you created.  If you later forget your login information, seek help from Do not create duplicate accounts!
  7. Use the practice site ID code, when prompted.  
  8. Be sure not to sign up twice, if you forget your username or have any problems, call support (866.582.2755) or email and we will be happy to help you.
  9. You may log in anytime you wish by going to the GEM website and then to "Sign-In" on the upper right. 
  10. The CME videos are located under "Step 3:  View Course" on the "Credential" page.  You may return to this page from the upper menu bar from anywhere within the module.
  11. If you want to provide GEM for your patients, you may open a practice subscription and provide your own practice code or a practice specific url to your patients. Click on "Practice Personnel" tab on the second registration page or contact PQF for more information.

cfDNA Predictive Value Calculator

The Perinatal Quality Foundation's web-based cfDNA Performance Caclulator is a tool to quickly and easily understand the positive predictive value of a prenatal test given the condition, maternal age, specificity of the test, and sensitivity of the test. 

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