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Licensing and certification

All Facilities Letters - Released 2012


​Bulletin NumberFacility Type Affected​Subject​Release Date​
AFL 12-01​Long-Term Health Care Facilities, Hospices​Elder Justice Act Reporting Requirements (Revises AFL 11-40)03/23/2012
AFL 12-03​All Home Health Agencies​Program Flexibility for Home Health Agencies (HHA) Nursing Experience Requirements​03/26/2012
AFL 12-05​General Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Psychiatric Hospitals, Special Hospitals​Telemedicine Provider (Revises AFL 11-33)​01/25/2012
AFL 12-06​Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, Nursing Facilities​Changes to Health and Safety Code Section 1261.6 Regarding Automated Dispensing Cabinets (also known as Automated Drug Delivery Systems)​01/27/2012
AFL 12-07​Adult Day Health Care Centers​Changes in Adult Day Health Care Center (ADHC) licensure​02/23/2012

​AFL 12-08 (Unavailable)

​Long Term Care Facilities​Increase in Class “B” Citation Penalties, Elimination of Citation Review Conference (CRC) Process, and Recommendations of Federal Enforcement Remedies​03/14/2012
AFL 12-09​All Health Facilities Covered by the Daly City District OfficeNew Name and Relocation of the Daly City District Office Licensing and Certification Program​01/20/2012
AFL 12-10​General Acute Care Hospitals​Sleep Study Lab Staffing (Revises AFL 10-22)​02/27/2012

​AFL 12-12 (Unavailable)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities​California MDS Nuggets “January, 2012” Newsletter​02/06/2012

​AFL 12-13 (Unavailable)

​General Acute Care Hospitals
Critical Access Hospitals with Psychiatric or Rehabilitative Distinct Part Units
​Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Restraint/Seclusion Death Reporting Requirements (Revises AFL 09-23)​04/26/2012
AFL 12-15​General Acute Care Hospitals​Revised Requirements for Reporting Surgical Site Infections​03/14/2012
​AFL 12-16​General Acute Care Hospitals​Language Assistance Services​05/11/2012
AFL 12-17​General Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Psychiatric Hospitals​Care and Treatment of Psychiatric Emergency Medical Conditions​05/17/2012
AFL 12-18​Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Facilities​Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Requirements for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Facilities; Notice of Closure​06/01/2012

​AFL 12-19 (Pending)

​All Rehabilitation Agencies (OPT/SPs)​Request for Annual Identification of Outpatient Physical Therapy/Speech Pathology Provider (OPT/SP) Facilities and Extension Locations and Relocations or Terminations of OPT/SP Facilities​04/02/2012

​AFL 12-20 (Unavailable)

​All Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORF)​Request for Identification of CORF Locations​04/02/2012

​AFL 12-21 (Unavailable)

​All Health Care Facilities Licensed by the California Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification Program​Proposed Fiscal Year 2012/13 Health Facility Licensing Fee Report​03/22/2012
AFL 12-22​Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Facilities​Independent Informal Dispute Resolutions (IIDRs)​09/17/2012
AFL 12-23​All Certified Long-Term Care Facilities, as follows:
Skilled Nursing Facilities (including Distinct Parts);
Intermediate Care Facilities (including Distinct Parts);
Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled;
Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled - Habilitative;
Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled - Nursing;
Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled - Continuous Nursing;
Nursing Facilities
​Federal Complaint Process and Plans of Correction​05/22/2012
AFL 12-24​Skilled Nursing Facilities​Employee Records​05/15/2012
​AFL 12-25​All Health Care Facilities​Hot Summer Weather Advisory​05/06/2012

​AFL 12-26 (Unavailable)

​All Clinics, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)​Outpatient Settings Adverse Event Reporting Requirements​05/18/2012

​AFL 12-27 (Unavailable)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities​California MDS Nuggets "May, 2012" Newsletter​05/31/2012
AFL 12-28​All Health Care Facilities​Curlin Intravenous (IV) Administration Sets: Recall Due to Possible Health Risk​05/25/2012

​AFL 12-29 (Unavailable)

​All Certified Long Term Health Care Facilities​Local Contact Agencies​05/31/2012
AFL 12-30​General Acute Care Hospitals, Primary Care Clinics​Nurse Staffing in Outpatient Supplemental Service and Licensed Primary Care Clinics​09/11/2012

​AFL 12-32 (Unavailable)

​All Licensed Health Facilities and Licensed Clinics​Sterilization Consent Form (PM 284) (Supersedes AFL 07-16)​09/31/2012

​AFL 12-33 (Unavailable)

​All Health Care Facilities Licensed By the California Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification Program Under California Health and Safety Code Section 1266​Fiscal Year (FY) 2012-2013 License Renewal Fee Schedule​07/09/2012

​AFL 12-34 (Unavailable)

​General Acute Care Hospitals;
Critical Access Hospitals with Psychiatric or Rehabilitative Distinct Part Units
​Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Restraint/Seclusion Death Reporting Requirements (Supersedes AFL 12-13)​08/10/2012

​AFL 12-35 (Unavailable)

​All Facilities​Hospira Injectable Drug Products: Recall – Visible Particulates from Defective Glass Vials​07/16/2012
AFL 12-36​Skilled Nursing Facilities​Physical Restraint Reduction in Skilled Nursing Facilities​09/25/2012
AFL 12-37​All State and Other Governmental Health Facilities Licensed by the California Department of Public Health, Center for Health Care Quality, Licensing and Certification Program​Granting Waivers or Extensions for Professional Licensure of Employees at State or Other Governmental Licensed Health Facilities (Revises AFL 09-08)​09/11/2012

​AFL 12-38 (Unavailable)

​All Licensed and Certified Facilities, Clinics or Agencies​Medi-Cal Provider-Preventable Conditions Reporting​10/05/2012

​AFL 12-39 (Unavailable)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities
Intermediate Care Facilities
Nursing Facilities
​Standard Admission Agreement–Resident Bill of Rights,
Form CDPH 327 Attachment F 12-point font (9/12)

​AFL 12-41 (Pending)

​All Facilities​RECALL: Methylprednisolone Acetate Injections Related to Multistate Meningitis Outbreak (Revises AFL 12-41)​10/15/2012
AFL 12-43​All Facilities​Fungal Meningitis Outbreak: Additional Patient Notification Advised​10/26/2012
AFL 12-44​Ambulatory Surgical CentersWholesale/Dispensary Licenses​10/20/2012

​AFL 12-45 (Unavailable)

​Primary Care Clinics (PCCs)
General Acute Care Hospitals (GACHs)
Acute Psychiatric Hospitals (APHs)
Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)
Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)
ICF – Developmentally Disabled facilities (ICF-DDs)
ICF-DD-Habilitative facilities (ICF-DD-Hs)
ICF-DD-Nursing facilities (ICF-DD-Ns)
Correction Treatment Centers (CTCs)
Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospitals (CDRHs)
​Opportunities to Participate in Drug Repository and Distribution Programs (RDPs)​12/07/2012
AFL 12-46​General Acute Care Hospitals,
Acute Psychiatric Hospitals,
Skilled Nursing Facilities, Special Hospitals
​Implementation Date Extension for Incompatible Line Connectors​11/01/2012
AFL 12-47​General Acute Care Hospitals​Use of Medical Assistants in Hospital Outpatient Clinics​12/14/2012
AFL 12-48​General Acute Care Hospitals​Centralized Hospital Packaging Pharmacy​12/20/2012

​AFL 12-49 (Unavailable)

​General Acute Care Hospitals,
Acute Psychiatric Hospitals,
Critical Access Hospitals with Psychiatric or Rehabilitative Distinct Part Units
​Reissue of AFL 12-34 Addressing Changes to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Restraint/Seclusion Death Reporting Requirements​12/07/2012
​AFL 12-50​Adult Day Health Center
Congregate Living Health Facility
Intermediate Care Facility
Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled
Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled-Continuous Nursing
Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled-Habilitative
Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled-Nursing
Nursing Facility
Skilled Nursing Facility
​Revised Mandated Reporter Reporting under the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act​12/19/2012
AFL 12-51​Nursing Home Administrators of:
Intermediate Care Facility,
Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled, Intermediate Care Facility- Developmentally Disabled-Habilitative,
Intermediate Care Facility- Developmentally Disabled-Nursing,
Nursing Facilities Skilled Nursing Facilities
​Nursing Home Administrator Licensing Fees​12/15/2012
AFL 12-52​All Facilities​Ameridose Issues Recall of All Products​11/07/2012
AFL 12-53​All Intermediate Care Facilities​Exemption of Small-Capacity ICF/DD-Hs, ICF/DD-Ns, and
ICF/DD-CNs from the California Retail Food Code
AFL 12-56​Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Facilities​California Forging Major Campaign to Improve Dementia Care and Reduce Unnecessary Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes​11/27/2012

​AFL 12-57 (Unavailable)

​Skilled Nursing Facilities​California MDS Nuggets “December 2012” Newsletter​12/28/2012
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