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Medical Appointments


How do you schedule an appointment with your doctor?

  Call or visit the clinic or doctor’s office

  You will need to tell them your information:



-Phone Number

-Date of Birth

-Medi-Cal Number

-Health Plan/Insurance

-Name of your doctor

-Why you need to visit the doctor

  Ask for an Interpreter in your language

  Ask if your health insurance is accepted

  Ask if you will need to pay any money for your appointment


Important Information about Medical Appointments


 Use a calendar to record all medical appointments for you and your family

  Arrive 30 minutes early

 Bring photo ID, Insurance Card and any Referrals

  Always ask for an interpreter if you need one.  You must call to cancel your appointment 24 hours before scheduled appointment time

  A family member or friend may join you during your appointment


What Happens During a Medical Appointment?


  Your height, weight, temperature and blood pressure is checked

A Doctor or Nurse will ask you questions about your health and the health of your family

 You may need to give a blood sample or urine sample

 If you have questions or worries about your health or the health of your family, ask your doctor

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