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HIV Care Program

The goals of the HIV Care Branch are to (1) reduce the number of new HIV infections, (2) increase access to quality of care, and (3) reduce HIV/AIDS related health disparities. The HIV Care Branch works toward these goals by administering the following care and housing programs:

Services for these programs are provided by local health departments, community-based organizations, and housing authorities throughout California. Collectively, these programs served almost 16,700 Californians living with HIV.

For Consumers

Who are we

 The HIV Care Program (HCP) is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (Part B). HCP is part of a comprehensive system of care that includes primary medical care and essential support services for people living with HIV who are low income and uninsured or underinsured. HCP seeks to improve the quality, availability, and organization of HIV health care and support services in California.

What we provide

Services are provided locally by funded health departments and community-based organizations throughout California. HCP providers served about 14,500 clients throughout the state during 2016.

The availability of services may differ from county to county. Services may include such things as outpatient medical care, case management, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, health education, housing services, transportation services, dental care, and food bank.

Who is eligible

To be eligible for HCP services, individuals must be (1) HIV positive, (2) low income, and (3) reside in California.

How to find a provider

To find an HCP or other Ryan White provider in your community, go to HRSA's "Find Ryan White HIV/AIDS Medical Providers" website.

For Providers

Policies and Procedures

Staff Assignments

Staff assignments by county

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