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CA Personal Responsibility Education Program (CA PREP)

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(916) 650-0300

Action Dates
Date Update
3/19/18 Public Notice of Final Award (PDF)
3/6/18 Public Notice of Intent to Award (PDF)
1/15/18 Applications due
1/2/18 CA PREP RFA Addendum 1 (PDF)
11/14/17 Funding alert (PDF)
11/22/17 Deadline to submit RFA questions
12/1/17 Q&A responses published

Request for Application (RFA) Questions & Answers

  1. Are Letters of Support required of counties from current/potential stakeholders in the 2018-2019 RFA? If so, what is the required/recommended number of letters?

    No Letters of Support are required for the 2018-2019 RFA.

  2. Attachment 3, Section B, #3, Table 1 – formatting error. Not able to select an EBPM from the list. It only provides the setting list again.

    The formatting error has been fixed and the revised attachment has been uploaded onto the RFA website.

  3. Attachment 2 – formatting error. Cannot see the full title of the official organization name. The "Time Stamp" text box is in the way and covers our full name.

    The formatting error has been corrected and the revised attachment has been uploaded onto the RFA website.

  4. We have a site that would like to continue to use Be Proud! Be Responsible!. Our staff are trained for this curriculum and will not require any new training. Is it permissible to keep this curriculum at this site?

    Per the RFA, applicants must choose at least one of the four approved Evidence-Based Program Models listed in Table 3, on Page 14 of the RFA. CDPH/MCAH is only able to provide required training, program monitoring and technical assistance, and review for California Healthy Youth Act compliance for these four models. As such, CDPH/MCAH will not approve use of any additional models through this RFA process.

    However, following the Notice of Award, requests to implement additional program models will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be approved if strongly justified by the need of a particular target population and/or setting. Awarded agencies may contact their Program Consultant to discuss individual exceptions.

  5. Should we only apply for the same funding amount we currently have or do the funding ranges listed on page 10, Table 1: CA PREP Funding Tiers, indicate we can apply for a higher amount (within our tier) than our current funding?

    Applicants may apply for any funding amount within their county-specific tier. Awarded agencies will work with their Program Consultant and Contract Manager following award to make any needed adjustments to their budget proposal.

  6. Page 46 indicates applicants must include sufficient expense allocation for the trainings listed, if we already have trained staff in the identified evidence-based curriculum, would PREP still like all facilitators to be re-trained annually?

    While we do not currently anticipate requiring all facilitators to be retrained during Fiscal Year 18-19, all applicants should budget for training as outlined on Page 46 of the RFA. This will ensure adequate training funds in the event of staff turnover and/or any changes in Federal and/or State program requirements or legislation that would require facilitators to receive updated training.

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