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Action Dates
Date Update
5/19/21 RFA release
Deadline to submit RFA questions
Update to RFA timeline and attachment 3 (Addendum #1)
​Questions and answers published
6/11/21 Applications due
6/18/21 Public notice of intent to award
6/22/21 ​Dispute filing
​7/1/21 ​Cooperative agreements commence

Request for Application (RFA) Questions & Answers

  1. Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Applications
    On page 26, under Part III. Application Submission Process, D. Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Applications, 2. Submission Content, the instructions require blue ink for signatures and signature stamps are not acceptable. Please clarify if a DocuSign signature is acceptable as staff in our County continue to work remotely.

    Answer: Yes, a DocuSign/electronic signature is acceptable for the FY 2021-2022 RFA.

  2. Funding Level/Award Distribution
    Should we only apply for the same funding amount we currently have or do the funding ranges listed on page 10, Table 1: CA PREP Funding Tiers, indicate we can apply for a higher amount (within our tier) than our current funding?

    Answer: Applicants may apply for any funding amount within their county-specific tier. The amount awarded within the funding range will be determined by CDPH/MCAH based on availability of funding, the applicant’s proposed budget and CA PREP funding priorities.

  3. Audit Costs
    Can we use an auditor from our agency to complete the mandatory financial audit? This question references page 45 of the RFA, Item e. Audit Costs, under 2. Operating Expenses.

    Answer: Applicants may use an auditor from your agency to complete the mandatory financial audit as the RFA does not provide further specifications.

  4. Staffing
    The RFA states on page 21 that a minimum of one 100% Health Educator will be funded. Does this mean we are required to include one 100% Health Educator, or are we able to keep a 100% Project Coordinator who also supports the health education and planned implementation activities?

    Answer: Per page 21 of the RFA, while staffing structures vary by agency size and planned implementation activities, CDPH/MCAH will fund all awardees at levels sufficient to support, at a minimum, one health educator (100% Full Time Employee, or FTE) and one project coordinator (at least 25% FTE). The Health Educator FTE may be split between multiple employees to total a minimum of one 100% FTE Health Educator.

  5. Letters of Support
    Are Letters of Support required of counties from current/potential stakeholders in the 2021-2022 RFA? If so, what is the required/recommended number of letters?

    Answer: No Letters of Support are required for the FY 2021-2022 RFA.

  6. Attachment 3 - Program Narrative Tempalte
    The Attachment 3 – Program Narrative Template contains the following errors.

    • The document does not allow responses of up to 500 words that comply with the stated text formatting requirements (Calibri or Times New Roman 12-point font and 1.15 line spacing).
    • There is a discrepancy between the wording of the questions in the RFA and Attachment 3.

    Answer: Attachment 3 (PDF) has been updated to address any errors. The updated attachment was published on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

  7. Attachment 3 - Table 1: Target Population and Program Setting
    In Attachment 3: Program Narrative, Table 1: Target Population and Program Setting in question B4 (page 15) does not accurately calculate the Total Number of Youth Initiated figure.

    Answer: Per Addendum #1 which was posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, Table 1 on page 15 in Attachment 3 should function properly.

  8. Attachment 5 - Budget Template
    The directions in the RFA on page 42 of the RFA under PART VIII. Contract Budget & Justification, B. Required Budget Detail do not correspond to the tabs and directions in Attachment 5 – Budget Template. Please clarify.

    Answer: A modification to Part VIII. Contract Budget & Justification, Section B. Required Budget Detail on page 42 was released on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 in Addendum #1. The updated language is included below.

    “The “Budget Development Guide” worksheet (second tab) explains how to complete “FY21- 22” (third tab). Please read carefully before completing the “FY21-22” budget template. When completing the “FY21-22” (third tab) budget template, use whole dollars only when entering costs into the budget templates. Round fractional dollar amounts or cents to the nearest whole dollar amount.”

  9. Attachment 5 - Budget Template
    We are unable to edit the descriptions of some of the cells including Other Position 1 &2, Other Operating Expenses 1-5, Capital Expenses 1-4, and Other Costs 1-5.

    Answer: Attachment 5 – Budget Template has been updated to provide permissions to update these cells. The updated template was emailed to eligible agencies on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

  10. Attachment 6 - Agency Information Form
    On Page 1 of Attachment 6 – Agency Information Form, it asks for agreement or contract number for each of the applicable programs. Should we leave this blank, or enter our current contract number?

    Answer: Please leave this item blank. A contract number will be assigned to the agency if they are awarded funding under this RFA

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