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Local Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Programs

OUR GOAL: Provide State leadership and support to local MCAH departments.

OUR WORK: Develop systems that promote, protect and improve the health of our population. Increase access and utilization of health and social services, improve preconception health, reduce infant morbidity and mortality, promote breastfeeding and maintenance of a healthy weight, improve the cognitive, physical and emotional development of all children, and decrease adolescent pregnancies. Conduct monitoring and surveillance activities.

WHO WE SERVE: Women of reproductive age, mothers, infants, children, children with special health care needs, adolescents and their families.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Services are provided by public health professionals, which include public health nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, dieticians, other licensed clinicians and paraprofessionals.

FUNDING: Federal Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant and Federal Title XIX funds.

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