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Office of Binational Border Health

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5353 Mission Center Rd., Suite 215, San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (619) 688-0263 | Fax: (619) 688-0280

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​April Fernandez, MAS
​Maria Celaya
​Contract Manager
​Prisci Quijada, MPH
​Program Coordinator
​Margarita Santibañez, MD, MPH
​Program Coordinator/Epidemiologist
​Emeralda Iniguez-Stevens, PhD
​Program Coordinator
​Arnold Noriega, MPH
​Program Specialist
​Graciela Mendoza
​Program Specialist
​Felipe Olalde
​Program Assistant
​Jennifer Britton
​Project Assistant
​Stephanie Yoon
​Project Assistant
​Meisi Xiao
​Project Assistant
​Antolin Rodiguez
​Community Outreach Specialist

​Other Programs Co-located at the Office of Binational Border Health

​Anne Cass, MPH
Communicable Disease Manager
​Center for Infectious Diseases- Tuberculosis Branch
​Nestor Martinez, MPH, RD
​Project Officer
​Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Branch, Chronic Disease and Injury Control (Division)

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