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Licensing and Certification Program

Quality Improvement Initiatives

The Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ) is actively changing the way it conducts business to improve its performance and customer service. CHCQ uses the four-step Plan, Do, Check, Act model, which has been adopted by the Department for quality improvement. We are pleased to share some of the work we are doing to improve operations at all levels. plan do check act cycle

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Projects

The Center for Health Care Quality has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve operations and performance. Here are some of our most recent projects.

Centralized Applications Unit Program Assessment and Redesign Project Report (PDF)Professional Certification Branch- Investigation Section Report (PDF)
​Complaint Investigations- Improve completion timelines of complaints (PDF)Citations- Improve timeliness of issuing state citations (PDF)
​Provider and Consumer Engagement  Expectations (PaCEE) Project (PDF)

Licensing & Certification Program Evaluation

"Initial Assessment & Gap Analysis" and "Remediation Recommendations"

The goal of the 2014 program evaluation of the Licensing and Certification Program was to determine key challenges, issues, and barriers affecting program performance and recommend improvements.

Initial Assessment and Gap Analysis Report (PDF, 2.66MB)
Remediation Recommendations (PDF, 1.54 MB)

Transformation: Work Plan Updates and Goal Completion Reports

The Center for Health Care Quality regularly updates its master work plan and issues completion reports to reflect the progress made in addressing the Remediation Recommendations.

 Work Plan Updates and Goal Completion Reports

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