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WIC Authorized Foods and Shopping Guide

The WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide (WAFL SG) outlines the foods authorized by CDPH/WIC in WIC Bulletin Regulations, sections 82000-83000. It is an educational document for participants and WIC authorized vendors to use at the grocery store to know which foods to buy/sell using WIC food instruments (FIs), also known as checks or vouchers.


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The current WAFL SG went into effect on March 28, 2016. The WAFL SG will be
reviewed and revised as needed.

Note: All FIs printed on or after that date include a statement on the "What to Buy" line that states, "Use March 28, 2016 WAFL Shopping Guide."




WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide - March 28, 2016 - English

WIC Authorized Food List Shopping Guide - March 28, 2016 - Spanish


Contract Infant Formula Flyer - English

Contract Infant Formula Flyer - Spanish

Sample Check


Therapeutic Formula

A WIC participant may have a medical condition and need therapeutic formula that is not a WIC contract formula. Therapeutic formulas should be covered by the WIC participant’s health plan when the clinician provides adequate medical justification. Should a WIC participant be denied therapeutic formula coverage by his or her health plan (Medi-Cal or other health insurance), the WIC Program may provide the therapeutic formula. For more information:

Therapeutic Formula

Formula Job Aid


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Major Food Changes for March 28, 2016 Flyer

WAFL SG Changes PowerPoint

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