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Let's talk cannabis

father and daughter sitting on couch looking at tablet, text across image reads: Parents and mentors

What Parents and Mentors Need to Know about Cannabis

It is legal for adults 21 or older to possess, consume and cultivate cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot) in California but it is illegal for anyone under 21 to smoke, consume, buy or possess cannabis (unless they have a current qualifying physician’s recommendation or a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card).

Parents and mentors can have an impact on whether or not youth use cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot). Pre-teens, teens and youth in their early 20s often seek out new experiences and engage in risky behaviors, such as using cannabis. You can help prevent underage use by starting the conversation about cannabis with youth in your life, and make sure they are aware of potential consequences.

Check out the resources below to find out what you should know about cannabis and learn tips for talking to youth.

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