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Genetic Disease Screening Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Your Information Protected?

The Genetic Disease Screening Program is required by law to maintain the privacy of protected health information. The Federal and State laws restrict the use, maintenance and, disclosure of personal information obtained by a State agency, and require certain notices to individuals whose information is maintained. The law also requires us to let you know promptly if a breach occurred that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information. State laws include the California Information Practices Act (Civil Code 1798 et seq.), Government Code Section 11015.5 and Health and Safety Code Section 124980. The federal law is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), 42 USC 1320d-2(a)(2), and its regulations in Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Sections 160.100 et seq. For additional information, please visit the site

What are the benefits of registration in this portal?

Patient can login into the Portal at any point of time. Patient can check the Current Balance amount to make the payment(s). Patient can view the earlier Payments in the Payment History. Patient can Print or email the Payment receipts whenever required. Patient can make changes in the allowed fields of the Demographic and/or Insurance information (Feature will be available soon)​​.

What is Account ID Number?

Account ID # - this is the number present in the statement sent to the patient address and is highlighted in red box in the below snapshot.

What is DOB?

DOB – This is the Date of Birth of the Patient registered in the hospital records having account.

What is SSN?

SSN – This is a Social Security Number of the Patient registered in the hospital while creating the account. The format should be XXX-XX-XXXX

What is Email ID?

Email ID – This is a valid email to which payment details made can be sent.

What are the mandatory fields to validate the account?

Valid data of the Account ID, Patient Name, and Date of Birth, are mandatory to validate the account.

How to provide valid data to make the payment?

Account ID, Date of Birth or last 4 digits of SSN associated with this Patient need to be entered into the relevant fields.

What is user name?

User Name – This is a unique name with which login facility will be created to login into the system.

What is password?

Password – This is secured valid data to be used to login into the system.

What are the password criteria when registering a user?

Password should contain the following:
Password length should be minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 30 characters
Password should have at least one capital letter, one small letter, one numeric, one special character.

What is Security Question?

Security Question – It is a questionnaire provision to help the User incase if he forgets the password.

What is Security Answer?

Security Answer – This field holds answer to the security question.

What are the mandatory fields to validate the account while creating the user?

Valid data of Account ID and Date of Birth are mandatory to validate the account.

What happens when invalid user or password is given to login?

Invalid data – User is prompted to enter the proper valid data.

What are the possible ways to retrieve forgot password?

Click on Forgot Password link to reset the password.
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