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The CDPH Office of Oral Health has several projects focused on improving the oral health of all Californians.

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California Children's Dental Disease Program

The California Children’s Dental Disease Prevention Program (CCDDPP) is a school-based prevention program. The mission of the CCDDPP is to assure, promote, and protect the oral health of California’s school-aged children by increasing their oral health awareness, knowledge, and self-responsibility by developing positive, life-long oral health behaviors.  The program is targeted to children who are unlikely receive preventive services otherwise. The criterion is based on the proportion of Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program participation for each participating school. 

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Community Water Fluoridation Program

The Community Water Fluoridation Program provides scientific and technical expertise to communities interested in fluoridating their drinking water. California's fluoridated drinking water act, Assembly Bill 733, became law in 1995, authorizing water systems with 10,000 or more service connections to fluoridate once money from an outside source is provided.

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