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  • Sugar-Sweetened Beverages - What We Know (PDF) - This paper focuses on research on the relationship of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and dental disease, especially among children. This paper is intended to summarize the literature findings about SSBs and dental disease – to include disease, caries, tooth decay and tooth loss (loss of 5 or more teeth), current recommendations to limit consumption of SSB, and to highlight statewide initiatives, policies and programs aimed at encouraging healthy drink options that have a favorable effect on overall oral health. 

  • California 2019 3rd Grade Smile Survey (PDF) In 2018-2019, the CDPH conducted an assessment of tooth decay in third grade children across the state, the first statewide assessment of tooth decay in children since 2004-2005. It was completed in partnership with the California Department of Education and the LA CDPH. This assessment found that 61% of third grade children in California have had tooth decay. This document reports the results of this assessment, documents disparities present in tooth decay, and presents the programs and activities CDPH is working on to address tooth decay in California.  

  • California Oral Health Plan (PDF) This document provides the ground work for the first California Oral Health Plan.

  • California Oral Health Plan At-a-Glance (PDF) This document provides a quick glance of the COHP.

  • California Oral Health Plan Key Messages (PDF) This document is a supplemental resource to the Plan and identifies key messages to share with partners and stakeholders for improving oral health and achieving oral health equity for all Californians.

  • Status of Oral Health in California: Oral Disease Burden and Prevention 2017 (PDF): This report provides an overview of California's oral health status and capacity to address disease burden in the state. This report summarizes the most recent data that describe oral health status, disparities, risk and protective factors, and dental services in California. 

  • Health Disparities in the Medi-Cal Population: Dental Visits During Pregnancy (PDF): This fact sheet provides a snapshot of the utilization of oral health care services amongst pregnant Medi-Cal members from various backgrounds, compared to the state population, so that health organizations, government officials, policymakers, and advocates can better understand possible disparities.

  • Ambulatory Surgery for Early Childhood Caries in California, 2005 (PDF): An original research project aiming to identify what populations use ambulatory surgery for the treatment of Early Childhood Caries in California.

  • CDPH Community Water Fluoridation Factsheet (PDF): A Program overview of the California Community Water Fluoridation program.

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