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​​Contract Support Services Unit (CSSU)

Introduction to CSSU

Welcome to the Contract Support Services Unit (CSSU) of the Fiscal Contracts and Operations Section (FCOS). The primary functions of CSSU is to provide the necessary administrative and contract support services to our Branch, staff and contractors to ensure they are able to comply with the rules and regulations of the State of California and its funders. 

Role of the CSSU

CSSU assigns a designated Contract Manager (CM) to all funded contractors. The primary roles of the CM is to: 1) Review and process budgets; 2) Develop and manage the contract; 3) Review and process invoices; 4) Conduct administrative desk reviews; and 5) Provide ongoing fiscal and administrative technical assistance to Branch, staff and its contractors.

Below please find links to various administrative and contract resources designed for contractor use.  

Administrative Guidelines Manual (PDF)

              o Appendix 1 - State Fiscal Year 21-22 Indirect Cost Rate Posting*

              o Appendix 2 - SNAP-Ed Approved Items List (Excel)

              o Appendix 3 - CDSS/WRO Review Requirements (PDF)

              o Appendix 4 - Sample Invoice Template (Excel)

              o Appendix 5 - Sample Bi-Weekly Time Log (Excel)

              o Appendix 6 - CDPH 1203 - Contractor Equipment Purchased With CDPH Funds*

              o Appendix 7 - CDPH 1204 - Inventory/Disposition of CDPH-Funded Equipment*

              o Appendix 8 - Std. 152 - Property Survey Report (PDF)

              o Appendix 9 - CDPH 9091 - Surplus Equipment Data Wipe Verification*

              o Appendix 10 - Non-Disparagement Certificate (PDF)

             Appendix 11 - Semi-Annual Certification (PDF)

              * Contact your Contract Manager

               FFY 2023 CFHL Important Dates (Revised 10/3/2022) (PDF)

               Training Opportunities

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