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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEOPB)

Rethink Your Drink

The Rethink Your Drink Program is a public health initiative led by the California Department of Public Health and administered by the Local Health Departments.

The Rethink Your Drink Program’s primary goals are to:

  • Educate Californians about healthy drink options,
  • Help identify drinks with added sugar, and
  • Make the link between consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks and health risks.

In this way, the program hopes to shift consumption toward healthier, more affordable beverages, like water.  At the same time, the Rethink Your Drink Program hopes to stimulate community-level partnerships and invite local environmental changes that will improve access, affordability and desirability of healthy beverages.

Consumption of Sugar-sweetened Beverages (PDF)

Model SNAP-Ed Social Marketing Initiative

The Rethink Your Drink Program is included in the USDA SNAP-Ed Strategies and Interventions Toolkit (PDF).

Choose health. Drink water.  English (PDF), Spanish (PDF)
Beverages: Make Every Sip Count. English (PDF), Spanish (PDF), Vietnamese (PDF)
Drink Label Cards (PDF, 4.3MB)
Soda Nutrition Facts poster: English (PDF), Spanish (PDF), English/Spanish (PDF, 1.3MB)
Guide for presenting RYD at Fairs and Festivals (PDF)
Recipe cards: Flavor Your Water (PDF) and Cucumber Mint Breeze  (PDF, 1.1MB)
Beverage Tip Cards: Tangy (PDF, 7.4MB) , Sweet (PDF), Herbal (PDF), Tropical (PDF), Water (PDF)
Beverage Tip Cards Spanish: Tangy (PDF), Sweet (PDF), Herbal (PDF), Tropical (PDF), Water (PDF)

Rethink Your Drink High School Curriculum          

The Rethink Your Drink High School Curriculum provides lessons on decreasing sugary beverage and promoting healthy beverage consumption. There are four 50-60 minute sequential lessons. Each lesson contains learning objectives, materials, key messages, background information, and identifies California Health Education Content Standards and Competencies. Teachers will help students develop skills such as label reading and decision-making to encourage healthier beverage choices such as water, fat-free or (1%) low-fat milk, and 100% juice. After completing these lessons, students will better understand how to make healthier beverage choices.

Rethink Your Drink Acknowledgements (PDF)

Rethink Your Drink Master High School Lesson Curriculum  (PDF, 7.81)

Rethink Your Drink High School Curriculum Inventory (PDF)

Lesson 1: What's Your Drink? (PDF)
Lesson 1A- Learning the Facts
Lesson 1B- Sugar Sleuths
Lesson 1A, Activity 1 Learning the Facts Cards (PDF, 1.1MB)
Lesson 1A, Activity 2 Learning the Facts Bingo - Questions and Answers (PDF)
Lesson 1B, Activity 1 Drink Label Cards and Answers to Calculations (PDF, 4.4MB)
Lesson 1B, Activity 2A How Much Sugar Calculation Example (PDF)
Lesson 1B, Activity 2B How Much Sugar? (PDF)
Lesson 1 Homework Nutrition Facts Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

Lesson 2: Think Before You Drink (PDF)
Lesson 2A- What Influences Your Health?
Lesson 2B- Choosing Drinks for Health
Lesson 2A, Activity 1 What Are My Influences? (PDF)
Lesson 2A, Homework Assessing My Drink Options (PDF)
Lesson 2B, Activity 1 Decision Making Process (PDF)
Lesson 2B, Activity 2 Choose a Healthy Drink Challenge (PDF)
Lesson 1 and 2 Highlights (PDF)
Glossary (PDF)


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