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Environmental Health Investigations branch

People in different environments where they might be exposed to chemicals.


The Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB) studies and explains how the health of our environment affects our health. We provide information that can help reduce human exposure to harmful environmental risks. Our mission is to protect the health of all Californians by identifying environmental hazards, partnering with communities to build their capacity, and promoting healthy environments.

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What's New?

  • "Los peligros del mercurio en las cremas para la piel": Un video animado en español This Spanish animation shows a conversation between an older woman and young girl regarding the use of unlabeled creams that are used to remove blemishes and lighten skin. A report from CDPH plays on a nearby radio alerting listeners that families have been poisoned after using these types of creams. The animation shows that mercury in skin creams is a global issue and provides steps to take if a person has been in contact with these dangerous, unlabeled creams that are advertised to remove blemishes and lighten skin.

  • Neeti's story: A video about mercury poisoning from ayurvedic medicine - Some Ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. This video shares the personal story of a woman who became poisoned by mercury after taking Ayurvedic medications. Included are CDPH physicians who provide advice on symptoms and testing for heavy metals in the body. 

  • Mercury in Skin Creams: English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF) Consumer Alerts – The California Department of Public Health urges consumers to stop using the Chupa Manchas, Nunn Care, and Pomada de la Campana face creams sold at swap meets and on Facebook Marketplace due to each containing mercury. Mercury is a harmful chemical that can cause serious health problems. If you or someone you know uses any of the face creams that are pictured or described within this consumer alert, please stop using and contact the Mercury Line at (510) 334-8567 or email

  • Are you looking to practice purposeful, community engagement? EHIB developed two new resources for government agencies!  Created for public agencies, the Guide for Engaging Communities for Health Equity and Environmental Justice (PDF) offers promising practices and effective strategies for comprehensive community assessments, meaningful partnerships, community-based research, accessible communications, and equity-conscious interventions. The accompanying Toolkit for Engaging Communities for Health Equity and Environmental Justice (PDF) provides additional templates, resources, field-testing guides and more to work together with community in achieving common goals. Contact us at for support in implementing these strategies within your agency.

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