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California Conference of local health officers (CCLHO)

2019 Recommendations

AB 4 (Bonta): Medi-Cal: Eligibility (PDF)

AB 18 (Levine): Firearms Excise Tax (PDF)

AB 61 (Ting): Gun Violence Restraining Orders (PDF)

AB 294 (Rodriguez): Correctional Facilities: Gassing (PDF)

AB 340 (Irwin): Firearms: Armed Prohibited Persons (PDF)

AB 377 (Garcia): Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (PDF)

AB 388 (Limon): Alzheimer's Disease (PDF)

AB 577 (Eggman): Health Care Coverage: Postpartum Period (PDF)

AB 645 (Irwin): Firearms: Warning Statements (PDF)

AB 732 (Bonta): Prisons: Incarcerated Pregnant Persons (PDF)

AB 764 (Bonta): Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Nonsale Distribution Incentives (PDF)

AB 836 (Wicks): Wildfire Smoke Clean Air Centers for Vulberable Populations Incentive Program (PDF)

AB 1356 (Ting): Cannabis: Local Jurisdictions: Retail Commercial Cannabis Activity (PDF)

AB 1500 (Carillo): Hazardous Substances (PDF)

AB 1596 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials): Hazardous Substances: Contaminated Property: Fentanyl Cleanup (PDF)

AB 1603 (Wicks): California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program (PDF)

AJR 4 (Aguiar-Curry): Firearms (PDF)

SB 1 (Atkins): California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019 (PDF)

SB 29 (Durazo): Medi-Cal: Eligibility (PDF)

SB 36 (Hertzberg): Pretrial Release: Risk Assessment Tools (PDF)

SB 38 (Hill): Flavored Tobacco Products (PDF)

AB 159 (Wiener): HIV: Preexposure and Postexposure Prophlaxis (PDF) 

SB 160 (Jackson): Emergency Services: Cultural Competence (PDF)

SB 301 (Leyva): Medi-Cal: Family Planning Services (PDF)

SB 347 (Monning): Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Safety Warnings (PDF)

SB 428 Pan): Pupil Health: School Employee Training: Youth Mental Health First Aid (PDF)

SCA 1 (Allen): Public Housing Projects (PDF)

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