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Certified Radon Services Providers

Certified Radon Services Providers

The Radon Program certifies all radon service providers operating in California. California law requires all radon professionals to be approved by either the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) or National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).  There are no professional groups that are currently exempt from this requirement, including Home Inspectors, Industrial Hygienists, Registered Environmental Assessors (REAs), and Licensed Geologists. 

The California Department of Public Health does not endorse or recommend any company or individual over another.  As with any home service, you are advised to get more than one estimate.  The lists below are not updated daily; to verify whether a service provider not listed here is certified, you can contact us via email for the most up-to-date information.


Professional testers can provide test results faster than using a do-it-yourself test kit. Use a professional tester during a real estate transaction. They are also recommended for testing multi-family housing units, schools, non-residential buildings, and anytime you want quick results. The testers listed here have met their board requirements and are certified to operate in California:

Cert Number Measurement Provider Name
107540 Kimberly Herrera
107564 Gavin Healy
100154 RT Joseph Filan
100176 RT SS812 Bruce Howe
100188 RT Gustavo Delgado
100318 RT Christine Jordan
100519 RT ReveAnn Ellrott
101158 RT Darioush T Ghahremani
102014 RT Jeffrey Noel
102015 RT Michael Mauzy
102253-RMP Bonnie Kellogg
102265 RT Erik Plimpton
102589 RT Evenor  Masis
102706 RT C. Fred Allison
102942 RT Dennis Ironi
103009 RT Karla Newman
103081 RT Charles McKee
103119 RT Mark Linton
103415 RT Russell Vaughn
103727 RT Ruben Marcos Sanchez
104039 RT Larry Reader
104046 RT Christian Mateki
104046 RT Martin Smith
104083 RT B.J. Rogers
104181 RT Patrick Moore
104582 RT Derrick Quach
104667 RT Tim Utterback
105129 RT Steve Zivolich
105226 RT Ronald Mason
105237 RT David Sendek
105251 RT Remington Caldwell
105316 RT Greg Enright
105339 RT Daniel Burns
105430 RT William Miller
105587 RT Alan Johnson
105941 RT Adam Nelson
106003 RT Terri  Walczak 
106022 RT Lawrence Kleinecke
106115 RT Cary Rubin
106128 RT Judy Wood
106155 RT Kung Zhow “Joseph” Young
106171 RT James Gorman
106244 RT Glenn Montague
106246 RT Jeffrey Pluta
106267 RT Theodore Golubic
106364 RT Edward Riley
106487 RT Michael Ford
106583 RT Holland Woolley
106586 RT Howard Baba
106588 RT Benjamin Curry
106590 RT Roy Graves
106593 RT Michael Pinkerton
106594 RT Joshua White
106596 RT Adrian Ko
106641 RT Samuel Woldmariam
106685 RT Teferi Michael
106707 RT Steven Janson
106759 RT David Tillema
107031 RT Robert Drake
107053 RT Charles McKee
107101 RT Rich Davis
107118 RT Anthony Boever
107134 RT Patrick McKee
107162 RT Jamie Persico
107225 RT Nicolas Martinez
107342 RT Scot Forler
107402 RT Keith Raschke
107422RT Anthony Bizzarri, Sr
107525 RT Allison Taylor
107620 RT Eddie Huchingson
111851 RT Brett Brumbaugh
11SS027 Mark Drollinger
12SS002 Murray Harreschou  
12SS030 Jeffrey McNeil
13SS006 Anthony Bizzarri
13SS057 Jonathan Massey
14SS035 Mazyar Hajiaghai  
15SS009 Ruxandra Niculescu
21SS007 Scott Knudson
22SS005 William Kading
3SS0008 Stephen Roquemore
7SS0011 Michael Cantor
9SS0029 Karen Shockley
9SS0030 Milton Shockley
9SS0048 Carol Noland
9SS0064 Michael Abbott
SS663 Stephen Jennings


The mitigators listed below have met their board requirements and have met specific CA Contractors License requirements. They are certified to operate in California.

Cert Number Mitigator Name
101023 RMT Fred Ellrott
101159 RMT Darioush T Ghahremani
103890 RMT Erik R. Plimpton
104696 RMT Peter Mandel 
104717 RMT Jeff Miner 
106142 RMT Norman  Denny 
106156 RMT Jordan Heichman 
106361 RMT James Gorman 
106415 RMT Edward Riley 
106792 RMT Nicolas Martinez 
107135 RMT Patrick McKee
107565 RMT Gavin Healy 
107621 RMT Eddie Huchingson 
107970 RMT Jason Gregory 
108413 RMT Tim Utterback
108591 RMT David Graves 
108871 RMT John Henderson 
11G005 Terry Howell 
8SS0094 Troy Horn 

A note about Contractors Licenses: Mitigators must also have a valid California Contractors License in one of a few specific categories. You can look up your contractor’s license here to make sure it meets our requirements.


The testers listed below have met their board requirements and are certified to operate in California:

Laboratories (PDF)

If someone offers you radon testing or mitigation and they are not on the approved lists here, they may NOT be certified to provide radon services in California.

To confirm a certification, report a problem, or report a business selling radon services without the proper Certification, email the radon program at or call (916) 449-5674.

Any person offering radon testing services, who is not a certified professional, is in violation of CA Health and Safety Code sec 106790. Any test results would be invalid for legal purposes. Violation of this regulation is considered a misdemeanor and the individual may be fined up to $1,000, and their business will reported to the appropriate consumer protection agency or licensing board.

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