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Radiologic health branch 

The Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) licenses users of radioactive material and registers persons possessing generally licensed devices (GLD) containing radioactive materials.  Users of radioactive materials include:

  • Universities and laboratories to conduct scientific research.
  •  Medical and veterinary hospitals and clinics to diagnose and treat human beings and animals.
  •  Nuclear pharmacies that manufacture and distribute radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Blood banks to sterilize blood.
  •  Companies that provide services, such as sterilization of medical supplies, facility decontamination, and waste processing.
  • Gauge operators to determine properties of materials, such as moisture, density, thickness, level, and lead content.
  • Well loggers to conduct oil drilling operations and industrial radiographers to determine construction integrity.

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INDUSTRIAL RADIOGRAPHERS:  Individuals performing industrial radiography must meet the requirements specified in title 17, California Code of Regulations section 30335.3.

Information Notices  

Fee Calculation Worksheet (PDF)

 Medical Use Forms & Guidance

 General Medical Forms & Guidance Documents

(Interactive forms* must be opened with Internet Exployer or downloaded & opened with Adobe Reader or Acrobat.)

Part 35.1000 Guidance.

Authorized Users:

  • Video Guide instructions for Form RH 313A (AU) for completing the RH 313A (AU) Training and Experience Form.
  • *Form RH 313A (AU) (PDF-interactive) to apply for authorized user status under either 35.100, 35.200, 35.300, 35.400, 35.500 or 35.600. 
  • For physicians who wish to apply for 35.1000 authorization, refer to the applicable RHB or NRC guidance and submit the required specific training and experience documentation separately.  If  requirements under 35.190, 35.290, 35.390, 35.490, 35.590 or 35.690 are required, you may use *Form RH 313A (AU)(PDF-interactive) to document that portion of the training and experience.

Radiation Safety Officers (RSO):

Authorized Medical Physicists (AMP): 

Authorized Nuclear Pharmacists (ANP):

Nuclear Medicine Technologists (NMT):

 Licensing Forms, Guides, Checklists & Lists: Non-Medical

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