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radiologic health branch (rhb)

X-Ray Compliance & Enforcement

​The RHB inspects, onsite or via a remote protocol, facilities housing X-ray equipment at the inspection frequencies specified in Health & Safety Code section 115085.  X-ray machines are prioritized pursuant to Title 17, California Code of Regulations section 30145.  Except for facilities housing mammography machines, a facility housing multiple prioritized machines will be inspected at the shortest inspection frequency.  For example, if a podiatrist office also possesses fluoroscopic X-ray equipment, all machines will be inspected at the 3-year average inspection cycle.  Mammography machines are always annually inspected regardless of other prioritized machine within the facility with the inspection limited to mammographic usage.  All other machines will be inspected at the frequency of the highest prioritized machine.

For additional information, contact the Radiologic Health Branch at (916) 327-5106.

Laws and Regulations

X-ray Equipment Survey Guidance

In response to increasing limitations and restrictions of physicist access to imaging facilities due to the COVID-19 outbreak and travel restrictions, the State extended, for medical and industrial use, the annual medical physicist equipment survey windows  for X-ray equipment.  This extension expires June 30, 2021.  Inquiries regarding further extensions to federal or accreditation requirements should be directed to those entities. The State contact is Lisa Russell (Lisa.Russell@CDPH.CA.GOV). The FDA MQSA contact is Thanh Andrews (Thanh.Andrews@FDA.HHS.GOV).

Facilities needing an extension are asked to contact the State for further guidance.  The state will evaluate these requrests on a case-by-case basis for the following survey types for extenuating circumstances related to Covid-19:

  • Annual Medical Physicist CT and Fluoroscopy Equipment Surveys

  • Annual Medical Physicist Mammography Equipment Surveys

  • Annual Medical Physicist X-Ray Therapy Equipment Calibration/Surveys

  • Annual Evaluation on Cabinet X-ray Systems (non-human use) required by 17 CCR 30337(e)

  • Surveys Performed in Shielded-Room Radiography (non-human use)

  • Surveys Performed in Field Radiography (non-human use) with a radiation machine that is not cable of exceeding an operating potential of 150 kVp

Compliance Information

 General Information & Guidance

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