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Information regarding the Removal and Disposal of Radiation Machines

Removal Requirements

To remove a radiation machine from the California Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-RHB) registration database, the radiation machine must be incapable of producing radiation* or no longer in the possession of the registrant.** 

Failure to report the sale, transfer, disposal, or disablement of your radiation machine(s) will result in continued registration billing and possible citation for non-compliance.

* “Incapable of producing radiation” means a radiation machine is rendered non-functional. CDPH-RHB defines non-functional as the dismantling of a radiation machine such that the x-ray tube is incapable of energizing.  Unplugging an otherwise functional machine and/or placing it in storage does not meet this definition and the machine must remain registered.

** “No longer in the possession of the registrant” refers to: A) an individual machine being disposed of or transferred to new ownership, or B) transferred to a different registration under the same ownership entity.

Disposal of a Radiation Machine

Although machines may not have residual radiation, there may be local and county environmental restrictions on what components may go into a landfill with potential penalties for non-compliance. Hazardous materials such as chemical contaminants in cooling oil should be disposed of by appropriately licensed companies or authorities. 

Registrants should contact the manufacturer, distributor, or radiation machine service company for disposal information, guidance, and on-site needs. 

CDPH-RHB does NOT offer services or resources for the disposal or disassembly of radiation machines.

Reporting Methods

Report machine changes through the CDPH-RHB X-Ray Machine Registration Portal.

  • To report that an individual machine has been disabled, disposed of, or transferred to a new owner, select the “Update Registration” option.

  • To report that a facility is no longer in possession of ANY functional radiation machine(s), select the “Withdraw Facility Registration” option. Note: By selecting this option the entire facility registration will be inactivated.

For additional information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). You may also contact CDPH-RHB via email at or call (916) 327-5106. Please provide a message with your full name, facility name, phone number, and facility registration number if applicable (FAC #####).

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