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California Biobank Program (CBP)

California Biobank Program Community Values Panel (CBCVP)

The California Biobank Community Values Panel (CBCVP) provides recommendations to the Genetic Disease Screening Program (GDSP) related to the California Biobank Program.  The California Biobank Program is authorized by the California Hereditary Disorders Act, Sections 124975 through 124996 of the California Health and Safety Code (HSC), Newborn Screening Sections 125000 through 125002 of the HSC and Prenatal Testing Sections 125050 through 125119.5 of the HSC.


The purpose of the CBCVP is to advise the GDSP on a broad range of issues related to the California Biobank Program.  Specifically, the panel will be asked to review and provide recommendations related to:

  1. policies and procedures of the California Biobank such as those related to protection of privacy and confidentiality;
  2. mechanisms to ensure public awareness and engagement; and
  3. consumer education methods and materials (e.g., fact sheets, website postings, screening program brochures and/or forms related to storage and use of residual prenatal and newborn screening specimens).


Membership consists of individuals and organizational representatives selected to be invited to serve on the panel by the CDPH California Biobank Steering and Governance Committees.

The panel consists of one or more representatives from each of these categories: parent organizations, minority health organizations, professional organizations, federal, state or regional coalitions, university and/or clinically based bioethics and/or public health experts, local health departments, members-at-large, and a representative from the Biobank External Experts Group.

 CBCVP Panel Member Organizations (PDF)

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