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newborn screening program (nbs)

Online Specimen Tracking (OST)

What is OST?

OST is a program within Screening Information System (SIS) for tracking and reporting newborn specimens. 

Why should you use OST?

  • California Code of Regulations
    Title 17. Division 1. Chapter 4. Subchapter 9. Group 3. Newborn Screening Program Article 1. s §6506.
    Verification of Receipt of Newborn Screening Specimens by the Department
    Hospitals and Midwiferies shall check OST within 7 days after the date of birth to verify that the specimen they are responsible for screening has been received by the Department. 
    If a specimen has not been received, staff shall enter a missing specimen report into OST.
  • Best practices for Newborn patients guaranteeing they have been tested for genetic disorders and no baby has been missed
  • Prevent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - HIPAA violations
    Everyday the View Specimen Status screen in OST is updated. Specimens collected and received at the State lab in the past 8 days are displayed. A daily reconciling of the hospital Census or Admission Report against OST will allow for timely reporting if a specimen is found that doesn't belong to the hospital. To prevent any possible HIPAA violations, report Specimen Not Collected at Facility.
  • Ensure proper billing
    Every specimen displayed in OST is billed to your hospital. If a specimen does not belong to your hospital, report Specimen Not Collected at Facility so you won't be billed for it.
  • Request a duplicate Newborn Screening result mailer
    To reduce paper consumption, the Department is transitioning to electronic requests. OST is the only way to request a duplicate NBS result.
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