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Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division

Adolescent Health Data and Statistics ​​

The following tables, slide sets, reports and links provide surveillance and program data and statistics related to adolescent health in California.
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Adolescent Births in California

2018 data available now.

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Below are YouTube videos with 2018 data.


​California Adolescent Birth Rate Overview - 2018 Data Release

Published: 7/16/21 | Duration: 0:58 min

The California adolescent birth rate continues to decline. Learn why the California Department of Public Health tracks adolescent childbearing in our state.


​California Adolescent Birth Rate Varies Across Counties – 2018 Data Release

Published: 7/16/21 | Duration: 0:45 min

There are geographic inequities in adolescent childbearing in California. Learn which counties have the highest and lowest adolescent birth rates.


Disparities in California’s Adolescent Birth Rate – 2018 Data Release

Published: 7/16/21 | Duration: 0:48 min

While the adolescent birth rate continues to decline, there are still substantial racial, ethnic and geographic inequities in adolescent childbearing across California.


Below are audio clips answering two frequently asked questions about California's adolescent birth rate.


Why does the adolescent birth rate continue to decline? 

Published: 7/16/21 | Duration: 0:46 min

Download audio (MP3) | Transcript (PDF)

​Why do some geographic areas in the state have higher birth rates compared to other geographic areas?

Published: 7/16/21 | Duration: 0:53 min

​Download audio (MP3) | Transcript (PDF)

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