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AFL 06-09
June 13, 2006

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Pleasant Care Rehab And Nursing Center – Santa Cruz
2990 Soquel Avenue
Santa Cruz, Ca 95062

Selection as Special Focus Facility

Your facility has been chosen as a “Special Focus Facility” as part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ongoing skilled nursing and nursing facility enforcement process.

CMS has revised the selection process and strengthened the enforcement process for Special Focus Facilities. Based on three year’s of performance data, CMS selected a list of facilities from which each state was required to choose a required number of Special Focus Facilities. California is required to have six (6) Special Focus Facilities.

Federal Survey and Certification Letter S&C 05-13 explains the selection process as well as the survey and enforcement process for Special Focus Facilities.

If you have any questions about the survey and enforcement process for these facilities, please contact your local Licensing and Certification district office.


Original Signed by T. Scott Vivona

T. Scott Vivona, Chief
Field Operations Coastal Branch

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