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AFL 07-17
June 15, 2007

Community Clinics
Free Clinics
Surgical Clinics
Chronic Dialysis Clinics
Rehabilitation Clinics
Alternative Birthing Centers

Clarification Regarding Licensure of Exempt Clinics

​Licensing and Certification (L&C) will immediately discontinue the practice of issuing licenses to Primary Care and Specialty Clinics that are exempt from licensure per Health and Safety Code (H&S) 1206 (a) through (p) – See Attachment.

L&C has no authority to license such entities as listed in H&S code. In addition L&C will not be surveying or inspecting any exempt clinics for compliance with licensure standards effective immediately. The only jurisdiction that L&C has concerning these clinics is their exemption status.

For those exempt clinics that have already been issued licenses prior to this notice, this will be the last license issued by L&C. Impacted facilities have been identified and will receive an additional notification from the Department.

Should you have any questions pertaining to this issue, please contact Lisa Hall of the Centralized Application Unit at (916) 552-8666.



Original signed by Kathleen Billingsley, R.N.

Kathleen Billingsley, R.N.
Deputy Director


Attachment: Health and Safety Code section 1206

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