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For application status requests, please include the following in your email:

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Program Flexibility (PF)


The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has the authority to grant program flexibility from regulatory requirements if the facility requesting the program flexibility demonstrates its ability to meet statutory requirements. Requests for program flexibility must include justification for the program flexibility request and adequate supporting documentation that the proposed alternative does not compromise patient care.

How to Apply

Please start your application by viewing the CDPH Roll Out Calendar at the right of this page. Please note that the Roll Out Calendar applies to all facility types.

If your facility is located in a district office where the online application has been rolled out:

  • Submit all requests through CDPH Flex Waiver Webpage
  • For first time waiver applicants, providers will receive an invitation from CDPH to create a password, the provider's username is their email address. The provider may log in at Flex Waiver Webpage  (only using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge). Detailed instructions for registering and submitting an application will be available.
  • After successfully submitting an online application, the system sends a confirmation e-mail with an identification number (tracking ID number) to the provider's designated point of contact listed on the application. All correspondence regarding the application will be sent to the point of contact. CDPH must receive all required documentation to process the application.

If your facility is not in a district office where the online application has been rolled out:

  • Submit a CDPH form 5000 for non-COVID-19 related requests to your local district office
  • Submit COVID-19 related requests to Centralized Program Flex Unit at

If CDPH determines the program flexibility request is not complete, CDPH will request that the facility submit additional supporting documentation. Upon receipt of a completed program flexibility request, CDPH will review and respond within 60 days. As part of the review, CDPH will determine the duration of the program flexibility and identify any terms and conditions applicable to the approval.

All approved requests for program flexibility will specify an expiration date and are subject to specific terms and conditions. If the facility fails to comply with the terms and conditions, or CDPH determines the alternative does not adequately protect patient safety, CDPH may revoke the program flexibility. CDPH will review all approved program flexes during the facility's relicensing survey.

In addition to reviewing any documentation, CDPH may conduct an on-site inspection during the program flexibility review process.


​CDPH Roll Out Calendar

Roll out timeframeDOs to CPFU
Group 1 – January 18, 2022Fresno, Riverside, Chico, San Francisco

Group 2 – February 2022Bakersfield, Sacramento, San Bernardino

Group 3 – March 2022Ventura, East Bay, Santa Rosa
Group 4 - July 2022Orange
Group 5 – August 2022San Diego, San Jose, LA Region 1

Group 6 –September 2022LA Region 2, LA Region 3, State Facilities, LAAU, LA Specialty Offices (HHAs, CLHFs, Hospices)
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