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Licensing and Certification Program

Quality and Accountability Supplemental Payment Program Existing Measures

The Quality and Accountability Supplemental Payment (QASP) Program has established quality measures and point allocations for use in 2016-17. The measures and point allocation are reviewed and updated prior to use and are subject to change in each subsequent State Fiscal Year (SFY). 

2016-17 Point Allocation by Measurement Area

​Points Allocation

​Measurement  Area

​Pressure Ulcer Measurement Area​11.111
​Physical Restraints Measurement Area​11.111
​Immunizations Measurement Area​11.1115
​Urinary Tract Infection Measurement Area​11.111
​Control of Bowel/Bladder Measurement Area​11.111
​Self-Report Moderate to Severe Pain Measurement Area​11.1115
​Activities of Daily Living Measurement Area​11.111
​Staff Retention Measurement Area​11.111
​30 Day All-Cause Readmission​11.111
​Total ​100


2016-17 Point Allocation by Quality Measure

​Points Allocation

​Quality Measure

​Pressure Ulcers: Long Stay Measure   ​11.111
​Physical Restraints: Long-Stay         ​11.111
​Influenza Vaccination: Short Stay​5.55575
​Pneumococcal Vaccination: Short Stay  ​5.55575
​Urinary Tract Infection: Long Stay      ​11.111
​Control of Bowel/Bladder: Long Stay     ​11.111
​Self-Report Pain: Short Stay    ​​5.55575
​Self-Report Pain: Long-Stay         ​​5.55575
​Activities of Daily Living: Long-Stay    ​11.111
​Staff Retention​11.111
​30 Day All-Cause Readmission​11.111


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