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Request a Copy of a Vital Record Online

There are independent, third party companies that process online requests for certified copies of vital records. Online services provided by an independent company may charge a processing fee on all orders.  That fee may vary with each company, and will be charged in addition to the certified copy fee. Any questions regarding online requests or online orders should be directed to the third party company involved.

If you have previously applied  to amend your record, please wait to receive the newly amended vital record via mail. Receipt of an amended record indicates completion of your request. If you submit a request for a certified copy of the vital record before the amendment has been completed, you may receive either a copy of the un-amended record, or a Certificate of No Public Record (CNPR) if CDPH-VR is not able to locate the record. For questions or concerns regarding your amendment, please contact CDPH-VR Customer Service Unit via email at

How do I request a record online?

Please note the additional fees incurred such as processing and shipping when using the following third party website to submit your request online*:

If you are not eligible to receive an authorized copy, you may receive an Informational Certified Copy of your record. Informational Certified Copies are printed with a legend on the face of the document that states, "INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY."

For more information on Authorized vs. Informational Copies, visit the Vital Records webpage Authorized Copy vs. Informational Copy.

​*Note that the California Department of Public Health - Vital Records (CDPH-VR) does not accept online orders. Customers wishing to use online order services must do so using the third party listed above, which will electronically transmit applications to CDPH-VR or a county vital records office for fulfillment. CDPH-VR does not cancel online orders once it's been accepted for processing. Please direct questions and concerns regarding online orders to the relevant third party company. 

CDPH-VR Fees for Comparison

  • Birth Certificate - $29
  • Death Certificate - $24
  • Fetal Death Certificate - $21
  • Public Marriage Certificate - $17
  • Dissolution of Marriage Certificate - $16
  • Still Birth Certificate - $28


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