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Office of Health equity

Baseline Organizational Assessment for Equity Infrastructure

Informational webinar on Baseline Organizational Assessment for Equity Infrastructure

The Office of Health Equity COVID Equity Technical Assistance team in partnership with the Fusion Center collaborated to develop a Baseline Organizational Assessment for Equity Infrastructure. This assessment provides a streamlined tool whereby Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) can collect baseline data on their current equity infrastructure and use it to inform their future planning for equity. 

The findings from this baseline assessment will be used to guide a statewide process to understand local public health equity capacity, identify priorities for technical assistance, and inform the State Health Equity Plan. 

While our primary audience for this tool are the California LHJs, we see the potential application of this tool beyond health departments and beyond California. Please feel free to use and adopt this tool for fit your organization's needs. 

Assessment Tool (PDF)

Definitions (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Results Report (PDF)

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